What Would You Do If… ?

What would you do:


  • if you had the time?
  • if you had the money?
  • if you knew what needed be done?
  • if you gave yourself permission to believe in your own possibilities?
  • if you weren’t afraid?
  • if you had whatever you needed to be happy?
And if you were to spend some time reflecting on your answers to these questions, what would you do then? 

11 thoughts on “What Would You Do If… ?

Add yours

  1. Those questions remind me of the phrase I found in the internet: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I think it’s very powerful and leads me to the right direction.

    I’d do my best to fulfill my dreams.

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      1. I liked your post and it’s nice to know that my post spurred you on to write yours. I agree that especially that happiness is not a question of geography. It took me a while to figure that out and even though I now live in the south of Spain and have lived in other countries, that is not ‘happiness’ in itself, but it is undoubtedly an element. However cheesy it may seem, happiness is very much an attitude. Thanks for posting.

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