The Slow Fuse Of The Possible

It’s the imagination that lights the slow fuse of the possible – Emily Dickinson

One of my most favourite quotes.

As a songwriter, I can totally identify with this as it is the moments when you give yourself permission to imagine and try something new that you can then create something beautiful.

As a coach, exploring their own imaginations empowers my clients to first open their minds to what they want to achieve without limitations and practicalities. In their own time, they can then work out how to achieve this practically and with each action, move forward to where they want to be.

As an expat from London and currently living in Granada, Spain (and France and Italy previously), I have always enjoyed imagining and dreaming of living somewhere inspiring and beautiful and I have been fortunate that I have been able to do so. However, although there were many other things that enabled me to move here, it was primarily the ongoing thoughts of moving here that constantly inspired me and cultivated the slow fuse of the possible for me to actually make it happen.

The imagination is a beautiful and immensely powerful tool that we have to help us to live happy, productive, creative and fulfilled lives. Sometimes we perhaps just need to let go of ourselves a little more and allow it to breathe. You never know, you might end up living the life that you’ve always wanted!


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