The Spa Of Positivity

In a bid to escape from the bitterly cold weather of late and for some relaxation, my wife suggested going on a spa break in the countryside. This was my first experience and once I’d got past the stereotypical notion of being a male fish out of water, it was absolutely wonderful. But why was it so wonderful?

Well, you get pampered with an array of massage, jacuzzi and countless therapies and the only decision you have to make is which one to go to next? But essentially at the heart of all these is that you are surrounded by positive influences, all with the common objective of making you feel better.

A few weeks ago as part of my work, I visited a primary school and it was an experience that stuck with me from a ‘positivist’ perspective as while waiting in reception, these were some of the things I heard:

• Hello lovely
• Good morning Jonathan. How are you today?
• Have a good day sweetheart
• Love you

To some, it may seem a bit much, but I found it quite inspiring on a cold and wet Tuesday morning. But can you imagine the impact this can have on the schoolchildren being immersed in such a positive environment every day?

So, with this in mind, what positive influences are you surrounded by? If you feel there aren’t as many as you would like, what could you do to change the situation? I know it’s not always as easy as it seems, so if this is the case, in the first instance, what small step could you take today?

See you later. I’m off for another massage…


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